Who We Are

Northern Lights Toys is a small family and disabled veteran owned manufacturer of the Create-A-Lure. We have been putting this product together for the past year, ensuring that we use only high quality paints and lures, not knock-off brands from far off distant countries. Affordable, durable, carefully crafted toys that last is our goal.

What We Do

The Create-A-Lure idea came to us when we were thinking of different toys to get for our kids for Christmas. We wanted to make sure that they were getting toys that got them away from their screens, outside and actually doing and building something that they can see the results with quickly.

So, as we thought of ideas it occurred to us that there is not another product like this out there and that it has to do with one of our family’s favorite hobby, fishing. When you grow up in the land of 10,000 lakes that is the number one ample resource Minnesota has to offer outdoor enthusiasts.

Planning Our Future

As it grows, we will be adding additional products. We will be focusing on toys and products that promote outdoor activities at a more economical price. Our goal is not to get rich; our goal is to provide today’s parents and youth with better quality toys that will engage the children in different areas related to outdoor activities. We strive to bring our customers something different than what you will find at the big box locations where every kid opening their gifts ends up with the same junk toy that will break or be thrown away within a few months.